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 Lebanon Skis Green not White

The environment, a topic that has been hitting the most amount of headlines nowadays. Many people talk about it, but few implement ways and ideas to reduce pollution, GHG emissions and all that is classified as nature's enmities.

There is a lot to talk about, the team however, wants to help play a part in taking care of our environment and save future generations to come. We say Ski Green.

Ski Green you ask? But of course, ski green on the Lebanese mountain slopes. How can you do that you must be wondering? Well for one, try not to litter while you ski, you might get away with throwing rubbish deep in the snow, but it will turn up in spring, you know that right? Skiing in Lebanon

How about purchasing green-friendly ski gear, instead of the usual timber snowboard, why not try out one made from bamboo? Could be a lot faster to ski on, or not, but your slower ski pace will definitely be saving a tree, and no bamboos are not trees. Oh and it is quite fine if they call you a slowpe poke, at least you'll still be in one piece! Skis also come in bamboo, and no pandas are waiting for you at the bottom of the hill, so your skis will still be in tact.

Snowmobiles are super fun, but you can sacrifice a ride or two and ski or snowboard instead, you would be proving to be more worthy to the slopes and environment if you just make your own way downhill, without the use of machinery. Look at it this way, going down is always much easier than going up, so thank God for chairlifts. Oh and about chairlifts, you should not be using them, try walking up the hill instead...just kidding, relax!

Head to green resorts. Most of Lebanon's hotels will be trying to introduce green policies into their systems, lets help out, ski green, that is an easy step.