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Buying or renting skis or snowboard equipment by ski LebanonWhen some of us start to ski or snowboard, we simply accept that we will be shopping out a bundle to outfit ourselves. Others of us, perhaps unsure of our liking of this new sport or perhaps living at a distance from the slopes, don’t want to make a big investment. If we are not fussy about fit, style or previous use, we can borrow clothing from a friend, and of course, rent or lease equipment.

If you want to buy only one type of ski or snowboard equipment, let it be boots. There is nothing more crucial to comfort than a well-fitted boot, and if you rent, there is no assurance that the boot will be right for you. Ski and binding go together, and many people like the familiarity of using their own skis and bindings. You can mount old bindings for old skis, same goes for snowboarding, but most people don’t do that. Of the four major ski equipment items, poles are the least expensive, and people usually buy them when they buy skis.