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Lebanese rivers mapHow to book

Once you select your ride, we recommend you book it online or email us if you have special request or need further information.

If going on your own, we will send you driving directions for each site; otherwise we can provide you with a 2-way transfer from any location in Lebanon. Ask for a quote.

Lebanese Rivers

Name Length Source Level
Dog River 7km Jeita 2-3-1
Ibrahim 8km Afqa 3-4-1-4
Awali 7km Jezzine 2-3
Litani 36km South Bekaa 1-3
Al Assi 10km Labweh 3 + waterfalls
Damour 6km Barouk 3-1
Kebir 60km Wadi Khaled 3-4-5-6

You need to know
YES you will get wet, NO you don't need to be a swimmer, NO you don't need any prior experience, NO there are no crocodiles or dangerous fishes, YES it is safer than smoking or driving through Beirut, YES you do have to paddle your own raft, NO the water doesn't get very cold, NO there aren't automatic bank-tellers near the river, YES river guides are polite, shy and well behaved young men, and finally YES you would want to do it again ;)

Lebanon rafting
Discover Lebanon in its wildest form. Calm or boiling, the river breathes. Whitewater is an outdoor sport that seduces nature oriented people as well as seekers of the ultimate. Our packages take you to one of these 2 rivers: Al-Assi (10 km) or Litani (36 km).

After a briefing by the raft instructors, you will engage in a ride through breathtaking scenery. Each person will receive a life jacket, a helmet and paddles. Remember however to bring your tennis shoes, long sleeve shirt, a bathing suit and a towel. You WILL get wet!

Rafting & Accommodation in Al Assi River  Price from US$55 per person

Rafting in Al Assi river LebanonUnlike other rivers, Al-Assi offers enough water depth all year round. This package includes an overnight and gets you to a camp in Al-Zwaytineh village of Hermel, located at 150 km from Beirut (2h30). It is run by professionals from various rafting clubs of Lebanon. The ride is 7 km long; you will follow the white stream for about 2 hours and a half and cross 3 waterfalls that will pump high your adrenaline.

Accommodation: You will sleep in Lazord hotel and resort, 5 minutes away from the rafting site. Price includes breakfast, access to swimming pool, ping pong and billiard tables. The hotel is also close to historical sites in Hermel.

Full package price includes: Accommodation, breakfast from fresh and natural products, rafting gear, raft ride with instructor, lunch (trout and region specialties).

Price does not include: Transfer to the camp (can be included for a small extra fee), insurance and drinks.

NB: A one-day trip option for US$55 is also available if you don't want to spend the night. It includes rafting and lunch.

Available from April 15 till October 30


The Ultimate Ride in Litani River

Rafting and kayaking in Litani river LebanonLitani kayaking and rafting camp falls only 1h30 minutes south of Beirut and is known for its exciting water streams and rapids. Rides are offered all week long. After learning the basics, you will enjoy rafting down the river for about 2h30. Starting mid-May, the water becomes shallower and you will be able to use kayaks. Our package includes an overnight in the bungalows around the rafting base.

Tours in Litani have been suspended and replacted by Al Assi

Calm Waters of Dog River

Rafting in Dog River Lebanon (Nahr El Kalb)The Dog River (Nahr Al-Kalb) is the closest to Beirut, 15km. The surroundings are simply breathtaking because it flows in a very deep valley from the snowy peaks till sea level. Rides are usually smooth and water is shallow.


Risks in whitewater rafting can result from both environmental dangers and from improper behavior. Certain features on rivers in Lebanon and elsewhere are inherently unsafe and have remained consistently so despite the passage of time. These would include "keeper hydraulics", fallen trees, dams (especially low-head dams, which tend to produce river-wide keeper hydraulics), undercut rocks, and of course dangerously high waterfalls, but these do not exist in Lebanon.

Rafting with experienced guides are the safest way to avoid such features. Even in safe areas, however, moving water can always present risks -- such as when a swimmer attempts to stand up on a rocky riverbed in strong current, risking foot entrapment. To combat the illusion that rafting is akin to an amusement park ride, and to underscore the personal responsibility each rafter faces on a trip, rafting outfitters generally require customers to sign waiver forms indicating understanding and acceptance of the risks. Rafting trips often begin with safety presentations to educate customers about problems that may arise. Having said all this, the overall risk level on a rafting trip with experienced guides using proper precautions is low. Thousands of people safely enjoy raft trips in Lebanon every year.