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The Mzaar ski resort, Faraya and its neighboring Faqra villages are renowned for apres-ski entertainment and nightlife, while many Lebanese come from different parts of the country just to dine out or party in one of the clubs. Most types of food are available in restaurants and night clubs like Lebanese, Italian, Japanese and Alpine specialties.

Fun Places Pub/Restaurant Night Club
Al Balad (Faqra) X  
Arzal (Faraya) X   
Hotel Chateau d'Eau (a la carte) X   
Chez Mansour (a la carte) X  
Coin Vert (a la carte) X  
Hotel San Antonio (snacks) X  
L'Epinoche X X
Les Airelles (InterContinental) X  
Le Refuge (InterContinental)   X
Gaucho's Pub (InterContinental) X  
L'Igloo X X
L'Interdit X X
Jisr El Kamar (Lebanese food) X  
Jonction Snack (at the slopes) X  
Le Kayak   X
Lights   X
Frost RestoPub (MzaarVille Chalets) X  
Montagnou (French Alpine cuisine) X  
Nahr El Hawa (Lebanese food) X  
Min Tourathna (Lebanese food) X  
Al Noujoum (Lebanese food) X  
Quick Food X  
Ricky's Faraya X X
San Giorgio X  
Shogun X  
Tabou X X
Terre Brune Hotel X  
Xtreme Food (delivery to chalets)  X