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The Cedars Ski Resort

Cedrus Chalets Hotel rating
Mon Refuge Hotel and Chalets Hotel rating
La Cabane Hotel rating
Nightlife in the Cedars gets active only during week-ends when Lebanese to spend one or two nights in the resort.

Fun Places Pub/Restaurant Night club
Hotel St. Bernard X   
La Caverne   X
Hotel Chbat (Bcharreh) X X
Le Chaudron des Cèdres-Alpine Hotel X  
Mon Refuge X  
Cortina Hotel X  
Centre Tony Arida X X
La Casa   X
Centre Saint Peter X  
Storm - Alpine Hotel X X
The Lodge - L'Auberge des Cèdres X X
L'Isba    X
Le Pichet des Cèdres (Cedrus) X  
L'Equipe (at the slopes)  
La Cheminée   X