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Summer activities in Lebanon
Summer...sigh...the most active time of year, no school, less work for some, and more free time! What better way to spend your free time than with SKILEB's enticing and exhilarating activities. The sky, the waters, and the earth make a great combo for a filled and eventful season! Have fun, take a risk, because as they say if you do not take risks, you do not drink champagne.

Hot air ballooning over Faraya and Mzaar Lebanon
Hot Air Ballooning
Come on, you're bound to get over your fear of heights, let the balloon carry you over Mzaar, and look at the beautiful scenery underneath you, inhale and exhale the fresh air, and enjoy being closer to the sun for about an hour.
Paragliding in Lebanon
Your adrenaline has been bottled up for a while now, time to let it flow don't you think? Prepare to take off from Harissa's hill on a para-glide flight over Jounieh's bay, enjoy the gorgeous scenery and no annoying passengers next to you. YOU are the pilot of your own flight...who needs a private jet after that?
Yacht rental in Lebanon
Boat Cuises
With our boat cruises, you are out into the Mediterranean, free as a mermaid or merman to take upon yourself that thrill and rush of relaxation, healthy tan, and serenity. Breathe in and breathe out that light salty breeze, and restock back on good energy.
Diving in Lebanon
If you are experienced, join the pros and explore the hidden secrets of Beirut under waters. If you are a freaked out first-timer, then relax and rely on our instructors for a maximum of knowledge and fun! What are you waiting for?
Skywalking activity in Lebanon
The world is yours! So why not walk everywhere? You've walked on ground, you've swam in water, in SKILEB's opinion, you are now experienced enough to walk on air! Beit Mery brings you a bridge with stages split apart to experiment your balance and fear of height. You think you're up to the challenge?
Water skiing in Lebanon
Water Skiing
When snow melts, what do you let your steam off into? Most of our world is made up of water so I'm sure it can take it! Ski your legs out, hang on tight to the rope, and who knows maybe you would turn out to be so good that you would start competing with dolphins on your flips!
Biking in Lebanon
Mountain Biking
Now there is the biking we have learned on flat land with three wheels, and then there is mountain biking on uphills and downhills, which many people learn to excel in. You think you can join a bunch of us on a bike journey from Ouyoun Al Simane to Zahle? Well we would be pleased to make your acquaintance then!
Safari in Lebanon
Mountain Safari
'Ok so what is this about', you must be thinking. A crazy adventure on quads or jeeps, off road to some beautiful spots, and check out Faqra's Roman ruins. A fun on top of fun experienced up amongst Kfardebian and Faraya's hills.
ATV trip from Faraya to Zahleh Lebanon
ATV Rides
Be in control of the wheel on rugged grounds across the Lebanese mountains. It's crazy all that dust you'd be triggering! Compete and off-road with your friends, and be number one in the exciting quad quests taking place.
Rafting in Al Assi Lebanon
Raft, kayak, or canoe on river Assi's waters, splash and water the trees on the river banks, and don't sweat if you can't raft for you will be with a professional instructor. Buckle up and go with the flow!