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History of Lebanon

Lebanon's rich and fascinating history, stretches back many thousands of years, begining with the pre-historic man, who lived in caves and moved up and down the river valleys searching for food. Over the centuries, many foreigh empires, lured by the country's natural resources and strategic position bridging the East and West, have successfully conquered and colonized the land.

5000 B.C. The Beginnings of Agriculture
1100 B.C. The Phoenicians Kings of Mediterranean Trade
64 B.C. The Roman Conquest
661 The Umayyads
750 A New Dynasty: The Abbassids
1096 The Seljuks and the First Crusade
1291 The Mamlukes Drive Out the crusaders
1516 The Ottoman Empire
1920 French Mendate
1943 Independance and National Pact
1975 Lebanese Civil War Begins
1992 Taef Pact - End of Civil War