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Follow these 3 steps to claim your VAT at Beirut Airport or on the borders

Lebanon VAT refund
1- When shopping:
. Go to shops where you see the "Tax Free Shopping" logo
. Ask for your invoice and for the Refund Cheque
. Spend more than LL 150,000 (tax included) per shop per day to qualify for refunds

Tax free shopping in Beirut
2- Show the following to the customs:
. The Global Refund Cheque
. Invoices of your purchases with the respective goods
. Your travel document showing dates of arrival and departure
. Double check that Global Refund Cheque gets stamped by customs' inspector
. Insert all documents along with a photocopy of your passport into the mailbox of Global Refund to get your transaction processed

Beirut tax free shopping

3- Choose between the following options to collect your refund:
. In cash up to a limit not exceeding LL 750,000 (available only at the airport)
. Refund to your credit card within 35 days of leaving the country
. Banker's cheque sent to your chosen address
Tax free shopping in LebanonLebanon is a shopping paradise and offers several ways to benefit from tax-free shopping. More than 1500 retail outlets offer this service in Lebanon. These shops or shopping malls normally display the well-recognizable Tax Free Shopping sign, and their staff will inform you about the process. Value-Added-Tax refunds are operated by the company Global Refund for Lebanon.

You currently pay 10% VAT on the purchases you make and this same rate applies in all registered shops, irrespective of the type of goods. When departing Lebanon you are therefore entitled to a refund on such goods purchased during your stay. Lebanon airport tax refundEvery foreigner or Lebanese residing abroad, is entitled to redeem a VAT refund. However the refund is not applicable to services like accommodations, telecommunications, guided tours, rentals, food, consumables, tobacco, or fuel.

For example: If you purchase on February 19th, you must leave Lebanon no later than May 18th to benefit from the refund. Assuming you have spent the amount of Lebanese Liras 100,000 (which is around USD100) inclusive of VAT, then the tax amount will be LL 13,637 and the refund amount LL 11,000 which is equal to 80% of the VAT amount. This is the net that you will receive after deduction of handling expenses.