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 Avalanches, Better Safe Than Sorry

Nature should not be toyed with, it has strengths, and no weaknesses. Now as beautiful as snow is, and as tender and smooth as it feels, snow can kill you, in many ways. It can grant you bronchitis, pneumonia, it can cause you a broken leg, and it can destroy your mere existence with an avalanche. Luckily, Lebanon does not face that problem often, actually the number of avalanches that have taken place can be counted on fingers, however we need to take precautions in case a myriad of snow decides to drop our way:

-Avoid exposed locations where an avalanche has occurred before.
-Loosen any equipment that you may need to jet in a hurry (rucksacks, and poles.
-Move down the slopes one by one and not in groups, even if others have traversed successfully.

Thankfully, our skiing resorts in Lebanon are a great reassurance to that sort of natural disaster, the areas they have chosen are always monitored and safe to ski on. However, if you decide to take a skiing trip to an unfamiliar area, be careful!