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All slopes users must always behave in such a manner not to endanger others, nor harm them by their behavior or their equipment.


Respect others on ski slopes
Control your speed on ski slopes SPEED CONTROL

All slopes users must adapt their speed to their personal capabilities as well as to the snow condition, the weather, and the density of skiers on the slope.


Slopes users who are up-hill are in a position which enables them to choose their trajectory. They must always make this choice in such a way not to endanger the slopes users below.

Choose your direction while skiing
Leave space while overtaking on skis or snowboards OVERTAKING

Overtaking may take place above, below, to the right or to the left of other skiers; but there must always be enough space to take into account the evolution of movement of the person being overtaken.


Whenever entering or crossing slopes, skiers must visually check up-hill and down-hill to ensure that they will not endanger themselves or other persons.

Be careful when entering a crossing
Don't stop skiing in narrow places STOPPING

Slopes users must avoid stopping in narrow places or areas of restricted visibility. In the event of a fall, they should remove themselves from the run as quickly as possible.


Any slope user who has to move up or downhill on foot must keep to the side of the slope and ensure that neither his equipment nor himself are obstructing others.

Walk uphill on the slope's edge only
Respect signaling on the ski slopes RESPECT FOR SIGNALING

All slopes users must respect signaling about weather, slopes and snow conditions. Signs and signposts are essential for safety.


Any person who witnesses or instigates an accident must provide assistance; in particular by giving the alert. Should the need arise, and at the request of the mountain rescuers, he must place himself at their disposal.

Provide assistance to injured skiers
Identify yourself when providing assistance IDENTIFICATION

Any person who is involved in, or witnesses an accident must identify himself to the Rescue Team or to other persons involved.