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Did you know that... no matter how icy the road is, tires don't skid on the ice itself but on a film of water caused by your car's tires passing across the ice. Therefore, conditions actually become more slippery at temperatures closer to the freezing point than at colder temperatures. Don't take this as a license to speed over ice when it's really cold, however.
Driving on snow by

Good winter driving starts on the foundation of good driving in general. Don't drive when you're tired, and certainly not if you've drunk alcoholic beverages! Drive the speed limit only in good visibility and with dry roads. Slow down if you can't see well or the road surface is slick.

Adjust your driving in a storm, in the dark, or when there's anything on the road. Snow affords decent traction to snow-tire equipped vehicles, but ice is risky. If you spot what appears to be a wet patch in your headlight beams, it is very likely ice. Drive over it at a consistent speed and as straight-on as possible. If the ice is on a curve, slow down before reaching it, don't apply your brakes while you're on it, and anticipate correcting a skid by steering in the direction of the skid (opposite of your turn) until you're back under control.

Chains are best for deep driving snow. Many skiers carry them as insurance but never mount them. In Lebanon, chain requirements are often imposed during a big snowstorm. Authorities prohibit chainless vehicles from driving certain mountain passes during and just after storms.

Winter Storm Car Kit

If you live in an area that experiences severe winter weather conditions on a frequent basis, or will be driving through one, it is wise to put together a winter storm kit to keep inside your vehicle.

Below is an important list to keeping safe should you and your vehicle become stranded in a wintry weather situation:

- Extra layers of loose-fitting clothing, blankets or sleeping bags to keep your body warm
- Non-perishable food items and jugs of water
- A flashlight and an additional set of brand new batteries
- A pack of matches
- An ice scraper, jumper cable and chains