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We think of skiing as a very physical sport, and so it is, but many experts will tell you that it's a mind game too! Some of the sport's most forward thinkers combine skiing with a variety of mental and even spiritual processes, merging the thrills of old-time skiing with the New Age open-mindness. Some on-slope gurus do wonders for students (or are they disciples?) who add visualization or aspects of body-awareness training.

Mind over matter when skiing in LebanonAll of the new techniques of improving your skiing, visualization is one of the easiest to use. The idea is to get the image of how you want to ski in your mind, replay it to yourself, and then go out and do it. Once you have practiced the basic skills of something you want to accomplish, you can increase your chances of success by visualizing yourself achieving that goal.

You might, for instance, envision yourself executing the perfect turn - or a series of perfect turns. You might visualize yourself skiing a mogul field with new confidence or making a clean, fast run down a race course. Even ski racers usually visualize the race course and the line they plan to take in the gates.