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Some people are satisfied skiing at the same level forever, while others seek to improve, to meet new challenges and to become the best skiers they possibly can. Expert instructors laid out four areas considered to be BIG TESTS FOR ANY SKIER. They explored what holds skiers back when confronted with these great challenges and how to overcome the hurdles to great skiing.

To work with, rather than against deep snow. To lead the skis rather than simply to ride them. To still be grinning after the first 300 meters.

Powder Powder
Moguls Moguls To control your speed in the bumps. To maintain on-snow contact. To make 50 consecutive turns without being bucked out of your line. To be able to adapt to the new types of moguls formed by skiers on new shaped skis.

To identify those circumstances in which air is both deliciously sensual and beneficial, not just spectacular. To develop launch, re-entry, and landing plans and the ability to execute them with airborne body control. To understand that hand position plays a crucial role when catching good air.

Air Air
Steeps Steeps Extreme steeps. To wisely accept risks within the limitation of your technique. To make calculated, purposeful moves. To reduce the stagnating stiffness that steeps bring on!